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A stylish dance floor is a perfect way to signal to your guests that it’s time to have a boogie. We supply custom dance floors to guarantee that there will be no confusion for guests, over when to get on their feet and dance the night away! We cater to a wide range of events and varied sizes. Our designers have worked on a range of custom dance floors, so we have plenty of ideas to help you realise your vision. All of our floors are custom built, so you can choose any colour, gloss or finish to create a dance floor that won’t go unnoticed!

Dance floors for any occasion

Mirrored dance floors are becoming an increasingly popular choice, reflecting light to create a beautiful movie like setting. Our gold and silver mirror finishes provide an added bit of glamour, making the dance floor a memorable centrepiece to your event. If you would prefer a different style of mirror or colour, get in touch with us and we can offer alternative suggestions to suit your event.

Dance floors may be most popular at weddings, but this is not the only floor we can create. We also design and build catwalks and runways, so you can hold a unique and memorable fashion show or launch your new product in style. As with everything we do, your runway would be a bespoke creation to compliment every aspect of your event and impress your guests.

Get your guests on the dance floor

With our bespoke floor design and production, we can give your night the perfect finish! Give us a call to discuss how we can match your event floor to your theme so that it fits seamlessly but is also impossible to miss!

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