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Stage Set Productions is a bespoke event production company in London, specialising in creating one-off event settings for our corporate and private clients. From bespoke bars and furniture to mirror dance floors and stage design, we work with you to design and build completely unique, memorable set-ups, which we then professionally install for your events.

We believe that a successful event always begins with its foundations, and that set-up and the overall look and feel of a setting forms the majority of a first impression. We are a bespoke service, so your customers, wedding guests and friends won’t have seen anything like your event anywhere else! We work closely with you to make sure that the minute details are completely taken care of, and you can watch your event take shape with no worries or last-minute panic that is often associated with the stress of self-planning.

Event Production Company in London

We have been in the bespoke event production and logistics industry for 10 years so we have some great ideas. You can use us as a consultant, bouncing ideas off us to get exactly what you want, or we can take on the majority of the design ideas while you focus on other aspects of the event. We are extremely flexible, professional and experienced, so you can breathe easy knowing that Stage Set Productions will make sure that no stone is left unturned and that no detail has been overlooked

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Staging Services London

A corporate event, party or wedding often begins with a stage. We supply deck staging as well as designing custom stages and sets, no matter what the size of the event. This is the area of your venue that will draw the most attention, as it is raised above other sections of the area, so you want it to look superb.

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