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At Stage Set Productions, we firmly believe that a stage is more than just a platform. It is the focal point of your event, whether that is to host a keynote speaker, award ceremony or wedding. We design completely bespoke sets for your conference, wedding or party to ensure it is an event that can’t be missed. Your set will be created to your specifications, right down to the materials used so that it is completely customised to your needs and vision.

We design and build everything in-house with our team of talented and experienced carpenters, painters and designers. You can have as much or as little design control as you wish; we are completely flexible. Having a set that perfectly matches the theme and message of your event draws the attention of those attending, therefore we strive to ensure we deliver your vision down to the last detail.

We want your centerpiece to draw the eye

Your centrepiece should draw the eye and engage your guests with the event at crucial points. Often, in-house stages are not tall or wide enough, leaving seating arrangements with no direct line of vision to the middle of the stage itself. Our extensive knowledge of set design enables us to create sets for any sized room, with any configuration of tables and chairs, ensuring a clear view for your guests. Lighting is also crucial to your event success, so, we will consult on lighting options, minimizing issues with glare for photos and videos. We have been through every last detail so many times that we are confident we never miss a trick.

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