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Whether you want to make your event stand out with a custom stage, bar or dance floor, or you prefer to keep it subtle with sofas, chaise longues and relaxed décor, we have the perfect products sets to compliment the mood of your event.

We are able to cater for a diverse range of private parties. So, if you are planning your big event be sure to get in touch with us to ensure it is

Celebrations Tailored to You with Our Private Event Services

At Stage Set Productions, bringing your private event dreams to life is our passion. From luxe garden galas to refined cocktail soirées, let us create a completely customised affair for you and your guests to remember forever.

Each Event As Unique As You

We wholeheartedly believe each client and occasion deserves an entirely tailored celebration. After all, your event should reflect your distinct personality and vision down to every meaningful detail. Together, we’ll bring your ideal setting, cuisine, décor, activities and more to a vibrant reality!

The Perfect Scene Sets the Mood

Whether you envision a romantic candlelit dinner for two or an energetic dance party with a pulsing soundtrack, we completely understand the power of setting. Let our creative talents transform any venue through lighting, lounge furniture, eye-catching floral arrangements and other immersive decorative details effortlessly aligned with your desired atmosphere.

Already Dreaming Up Your Big Day? Let’s Connect!

If you’re imagining an upcoming birthday bash, romantic proposal party or just a “because we can” friends reunion filled with joy and life’s simple pleasures – we are ready to make that a reality! Reach out so we can start sprinkling our event planning pixie dust and make your next celebration magical.

With tailored design, décor and detailing, we craft private events as unique as you. Contact Stage Set Productions today so we can start planning your distinctive occasion!

Our Personalized Services for Unforgettable Experiences

Exceptional Celebrations Created Just For You

No matter the size or style, we excel at crafting private parties that check all the boxes. Our flexible event services effortlessly adapt so we can meet your distinctive hosting needs.

Catering Tailored to Your Unique Tastes

From formal multi-course dinners to casual backyard barbeques, our culinary team provides customised menus and exceptional fare. We’ll collaborate to create dishes, desserts and libations aligned with your preferences so each bite and sip feels personalised.

Transform Any Space to Dazzle Your Guests

Our production experts can outfit any venue to complete your ideal vision. Prefer an energy-filled dance party? We’ll design a sleek custom bar and install a show-stopping stage plus a light-up dance floor poised for performances or all-night revelry. Or perhaps you imagine an elegant cocktail affair – leave it to us to drape the room in luxe fabrics, arranging plush seating perfect for mingling over our inspired artisanal cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

Subtle Touches That Let Your Style Shine

For a relaxed, inviting atmosphere, our designers artfully incorporate subtle touches like cosy furniture vignettes, vibrant floral arrangements, soft lighting features and other details for guests to enjoy. This allows your personal sense of style to take centre stage while we elevate the ambience.

Let’s connect to start planning your distinctive private bash! Our events team can’t wait to hear your vision and then work our celebratory magic.

Creating the Perfect Mood

Exceptional Celebrations Created Just For You

Crafting Celebrations with Atmosphere and Style

The mood is paramount for private events – an engaging atmosphere transforms gatherings into truly memorable affairs. Our team fully appreciates the impact experiential details have on your guests, which is why we pour so much care into sensory delights like music, lighting, décor and cuisine.

Immersive Touches For Lasting Impressions

Through ambient elements, let’s transport your attendees into a stylish setting that immediately intrigues and delights. For a glamorous cocktail fête, imagine stepping into a lounge aglow in a flattering light, with a jazz quartet serenading and champagne bubbles floating. Or maybe an al fresco bash beckons featuring a backyard dressed in string lights, and festive paper lanterns swaying in the trees as laughter and celebration fill the air.

Products to Compliment Each Celebration’s Distinctive Personality

Our vast inventory includes item sets ideal for complementing your occasion’s unique mood. For lively parties, branded bars and stages amplify the spirit while engaging guests. In more relaxed settings, plush seating arrangements promote mingling and comfort. Our seasoned team incorporates these tailored pieces into stunning events time and time again.

Let Your Event Tell a Story Through Intentional Design

Together, we’ll clarify your vision and then transform spaces through sensory details, allowing a complementary atmosphere to emerge. Soon, guests find themselves immersed in an experience intrinsically and purposefully you.

Let us instil your next private occasion with style, heart and personality that leaves your guests raving for years to come!

Be sure to get your setting just right

The atmosphere of your party can depend heavily on the setting you create for your guests. So, be sure to talk to us about how you can get it just right with our range of products!

Planning a Big Event

Let’s Start Crafting Your Dream Celebration!

We can’t wait to make your upcoming occasion magnificently you! Reach out so we can jump into the exciting collaboration process and start sprinkling our event planning pixie dust.

Getting in Touch is Simple

Contact our friendly team via phone or email – we’d love to set up an intro call, ask a few key questions and learn more about your vision. Even if your event date is months away, it’s never too early to start planning something sensational!

Tailoring Every Event Through Meaningful Conversations

During consultations, we simply chat about what a perfect event means to you! Casual or glamorous? Classic or avant-garde? Sweet and sentimental or bold and vibrant? Intimate gathering or blowout bash? We’ll cover all the key details so your occasion feels genuinely personalised.

Co-Creating Seamless Celebrations – Step-By-Step

With open communication and transparency, we’ll choose linens, taste delectable dishes, refine the invite list, select music, arrange rental deliveries and tackle every other planning task as an excited, cohesive team. With us guiding you each step of the way, it will be smooth sailing to an incredible affair!

Let the Countdown Begin!

Contact us now to get your extraordinary celebration in the works! Together, we’ll bring your social event vision to life, down to the most meaningful detail.

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